Solar Powered Emergency Radio with Flashlight And Hand Crank

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  • With multi type power supplies and functions like LED illumination light, alarm light, alarm siren, USB charge port and world band radio receiver, very suitable for anyone
  • Support Frequency Range: FM: 87 ~ 108 MHz, MW: 520 ~ 1620 KHz, SW1: 5.80 ~ 10.00MHz, SW2: 11.60 ~ 18.20 MHz
  • Equipped with Flashlight with 3 LED lights, and support hand-cranked generator, needed by every family to face emergency situation
  • Built-in standard USB port output the DC power to charge the mobile phone and other device
  • Package: 1x Multifunctional Radio, 1x Cell Phone Charging Cable, 1x English Manual

1. Cranking Dynamo&Solar Power Supply
2. Red LED Light(Flashes) & Alarm Function
3. Flashlight with 3 LED lights
4. Cell Phone,MP3&MP4 Charging Jack(Standard USB port)
5. External Adaptor Jack(MINI USB 5 Pin Jack)
6. Built-in Speaker
7. Earphone Jack(D3.5mm)
8. Power Sources:NI-MH Battery,3 X AAA Alkaline batteries or Solar Power
9. Charged by:Cranking Dynamo,External Adaptor,Computer or Solar Power

Frequency range:
FM: 87~108 MHz
MW: 520~1710 KHz
SW1: 5.80~10.00 MHz
SW2: 11.6~18.2 MHz


Signal selection: ≥40dB

Max Output power: about 100mW

Max volume Output Current: 120mA

Speaker: D50mm

Earphones: D3.5mm