Portable Emergency Car Battery Jump Starter with Flashlight and Phone Charger

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This is the perfect charger to take anywhere you go!!! This will Jump Start a dead car battery(up to a 4L car engine), charge your phones, notebooks, i pads, and whatever else you carry with you that needs a charge. Need a flashlight? This comes with a built in flashlight as well as emergency flashing lights. This is the perfect roadside assistant. It also has a blade to cut a seat belt in an emergency as well as a glass breaker on end of battery. Don't leave home without it!!! 

Package includes:

Car jump starter (Power bank)-1

Battery clamps (Red=positive; Black=negative)-1

Wall charger-1

Car charger-1

4in1 charging cable-1

Laptop connector-8

Laptop charging cable-1

English instructions-1


Number Of Built-in Batteries: 3
Special Features: USB,Lighting,Warning Light,SOS Lighting
Item Weight: 385g
Battery Capacity(mAh): 8000-10000
Conversion Rate: >90%
Voltage: 12V
Sutabile: For gas car under 4L diesel cars under 2.5L
Peak Current : 600A Jumper Starter
Battery Cell Composition: Lithium polymer battery
Cycle boot life: Start car more than 3000 times
Operating condition: -20~65 Degrees Celsius
Constant voltage: Short circuit protection
Warranty: 12 Months