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The Charge All Power Bank delivers charging that you can count on for both daily convenience and emergency situations. Unlike other power banks that cap out at a low 2,000 or 5,000-mAh output, the Charge All achieves 8000 mAh with 98% conversion. This reliable surge of power is enough to keep your essential devices charged on the go and even jumpstart your car in case of emergency.

It can be devastating and even dangerous to be stranded with a dead car battery. With the Charge All, you won’t have to call for a tow or risk the danger of asking a stranger for a jump. Instead, take charge of the situation and give your battery a boost with the compact, charged power bank and jumper cables right in your glove box or trunk.

The power bank features a luminous LED flashlight that helps you see what you’re doing under the hood, even in the dark. Plug the charging cables into the side ports, just like you would to charge your cell phone, laptop, GPS, or camera. The 12-volt car start ports on the Charge All provide the targeted surge of power that you need to rev up and get going.

  1. 8,000-mAh with 3 port connections
  2. Safety jump start and device charger cables included
  3. Built-in LED flashlight and power display
  4. Adapters for Iphone and Android devices

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