500W portable solar powered generator Lithium-ion battery pack

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500W portable solar powered generator Lithium-ion battery pack  

Portable inverter

Combines 3 functions of car jump starter, inverter and power bank,

a perfect choice for Home and outdoor emergency use.


1- 500W, 76000mAh

Bulit-in soft bag aluminum plastic wrap LiFePO4 battery, no worry about battery explosion. 

2- Car jump starter

With high capacity can start almost all kinds of the 12V gasoline car 


220V/110V output, compatible working with small household electronic appliances like laptop,fan.....,etc. 

4- Power bank

12V cigarette lighter and 5V USB for charging electronic devices, cellphone....,etc.

Package List 

1 * Portable Power Storage Generator

1 * AC wall charger  
1 * Jump starter alligator clip cable 
1 * User manual