Quad-Power Solar, Crank Emergency Radio with Power Bank

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Prepare for the worst and invest in one emergency essentials tool that does it all. The Quad-Power Emergency Radio delivers peace of mind with powerful, innovative features that will help you stay safe in case of emergency. With three radio functions, powerful LED lights, a 2,000-mAh power bank, and four ways to charge, the Quad-Power Emergency Radio hits every mark.

Keep your devices charged with this huge power bank and enjoy four flexible ways to charge. Plug in the device if you still have power, charge up with 3 AAA batteries, hand crank for immediate power, or even use it as a solar phone charger. Stay charged, connected, and safe with the Quad-Power Emergency Radio.

Store a compact emergency radio in your car, camping gear, and shelter or carry it with you whenever storms loom on the horizon. It’s lightweight and IPX3 waterproof, so it’s built to travel when you need it most. The AM, FM, and NOAA radio channels will keep you informed, even if cellular lines are disconnected, and the LED lights are essential when the power goes out.

The Quad Power is a multifunctional crank radio,
- Receives AM/FM/7 NOAA Weather Channels;
SOS Alarm with flashing red light; 
- 1W Bright LED Flashlight, Zoom adjustable; 
4 LED Reading Lamp, so you can do some reading on your camp trip; 
- 2000 mAh Battery will provide long lasting hours of radio time and flash light time; 
- Solar panel will provide continuous power to the radio , your battery will never die; 
- Hand crank self powered system;
- Micro USB, to charge the radio via USB cable;
- Support AAA dry battery for backup(not included);
- Waterproof Level: IPX3, can be used during rainy weather.

AM/FM & NOAA Weather Alert
The Quad-Power can provide up to date weather information.
- AM:520-1720Khz;
- FM:87-108MHz;
- NOAA:162.40-162.55MHz.

LED Flashlight & Reading Lamp
- The Quad-Power comes with a 1W very bright ZOOM LED torch, support you to walk on the outside at night, also can adjust the light zoom to control the lighting range;
- There is a 4-LED Reading Lamp, enables you to read on the the night of the camping trip or replaces the table lamp at home.

2000 mAh Big capacity Battery 
- 2000 mAh battery can support about 12 hours LED flashlight or reading lamp working, or 4~6 hours radio working;
- Charge your phone via the USB cable,Simply plug your phone into the USB port and turn on the USB switch.

More power to you
- Hand Crank: 1 minute hand cranking supports 25 minutes of light and 10-15 minutes of radio power;
- Place solar panel in direct sunlight for solar charging;
- USB & AAA battery(not included)


Package Content
1 x Hand Crank Radio;
1 x USB Charging Cable;
1 x User Manual.

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